Meet the Team

President and Founder - Ryan Hamilton

Two years ago, I interned at a nonprofit solving food accessibility. During this time, the idea of accessibility was always on my mind, and even more so while I was finding a therapist. With COVID, there became a shortage of psychologists and access to mental well-being services. What if people did not have access to a therapist or mental health resources? There had to be an accessible way to support individuals.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a supportive environment for sharing, coupled with someone who will make you feel understood and heard. This causes people to feel isolated and alone.

I firmly believe in the universal entitlement to a safe space where individuals can share, and I aspire to fulfill that role. By developing connections among individuals, we aim to create an environment where individuals feel comfortable sharing their experiences and contributing to the collective strength of the community. "You Count" embodies my commitment to establishing this space for individuals.

Project Manager - Michael Pugliese

Throughout my life, I have actively participated in different communities, including boxing, swimming, and cinematography. While I found all of these communities to enrich my life, The You Count Movement distinguishes itself in its ability to foster an environment without the worry of judgment. The You Count Movement's commitment to supporting others, mainly through meaningful conversations and advocacy for mental health awareness, aligns with my overarching goal of contributing to the well-being of those around me. 

As a college student, I get the stress that comes with it – the unspoken pressure always on your shoulders. Here at UMass Amherst, I aim to create a community where people genuinely want to be around each other and be part of something meaningful. We'll collaborate with student-run groups on campus to expand the movement by incorporating mindfulness practices. We recognize the challenges inherent in sharing and opening up; our efforts seek to unite individuals, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Where individuals can rely on their peers. UMass Center for Psychological Services and Counseling has voiced to the You Count Movement that there is a huge gap in the communication of counselors and students. Our immediate goal is to bridge this gap by offering guidance in finding help here on campus and working around the red tape. 

Marketing Manager - Ben Clossey

As a person who experienced stress, anxiety, and loneliness during COVID times, I have directly witnessed and experienced the impact that depression can have on both an individual and those around them. These experiences became the catalyst for my desire to become an advocate for raising awareness about mental health and helping those who struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with their body and mind. Additionally, I have always wanted to utilize my knowledge and passion for marketing in order to help others and spread messages that I am passionate about. This is why I am so excited to be a member of the You Count Movement team, as I am excited to create content, manage branding and raise awareness for such a driven and important organization.