Our Story

Our Story

The best way to get to know me is to understand what made me want to start this brand and share a story to break the silence around mental health. 

I started The You Count Movement to make sure nobody feels alone. For most of my life, I went through things alone because I was embarrassed to share my feelings or I felt people would not care. Even though I had many people in my life who supported me, I felt alone. 

I always smiled and seemed like someone just enjoying life when that was really masking my pain. In my mind, I was hurting and could not break the silence to ask for help. I felt trapped.

But I needed help. And that was the hardest thing for me to do. And it began with a conversation.

That is when I knew I wanted to find a way to make sure no one else had to feel this way, even if they feel alone or trapped. I want to create a community of caring to help people break their own silence  -- just like I had to.

Since launching The You Count Movement, I have received many messages from complete strangers sharing vulnerable personal stories explaining how mental health has impacted them or someone they know. It is in these conversations that I realize what this brand is capable of – helping people feel understood and not alone. 

The You Count Movement is more than a clothing line. It’s a signal. A message. A beacon. A sense of belonging.I hope you join us in our mission and know that you are not alone. 

Always remember, YOU COUNT. 


I designed the logo to embody the ideal that you are loved.

- I want someone walking down the street to see the logo and instantly remember they are not alone and they count.

- I want people to share the logo and know they are making an impact each and everyday.

- That logo represents a community and a way of living. Spreading love and understanding to others but most importantly yourself.

- I want the logo to be the support to foster your conversation.

Kindness is free.